Live Blogging for 24 Hour Comic Day @ CNJ

October 18, 2008

Photos & Other Info

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Hi, everyone!  Thanks for keeping up with us.  I’ve got some photos to post from our first hour, but I also want to share some important information for anyone who’s interested in what today is all about.

Comic creator Scott McCloud is credited with coming up with the idea for creating a 24 page comic in only 24 hours.  Several people are gathered in our store today to do just that, and probably thousands more across the country.  It’s kind of a big deal.  The event is now part of ComicsPro, the group who also do Free Comic Book Day, which is also kind of a big deal.  The official website for this event is Definitely check it out.

Photo time! You can view our entire gallery as it unfolds at, but we’ll also embed some pix in these posts. Enjoy!

Comic creators ASSEMBLE!
Comic creators ASSEMBLE!

Hour 1 - Hello to you, too, comic friend!
Hello to you, too, comic friend!

Hour 1 - Jim
Hour 1 – Jim.

Hour 1 - Randy
Hour 1 – Randy.

Delicious snacks!


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